My Strong Little Body eBook

My Strong Little Body eBook


A Physiotherapist's 10 Step Guide to Nurturing Your Baby's Development

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Does your baby struggle with tummy time? Are you worried about the flat spot developing on their head? Are they refusing to crawl and preferring to sit instead?

Baby development is complex. And it is not just about achieving gross motor skills. A baby learns to LEARN as they learn to move, and in today’s society, babies are often not given the best opportunity to explore their bodies and enjoy movement as nature intended.

My Strong Little Body has been given a glowing review from the Australian Physiotherapy Association, and is a comprehensive step-by-step early- intervention program to help gently guide your baby through all the major milestones.

Designed by Australian paediatric physiotherapist Alana Gardini, each milestone is broken down into tiny easy-to-understand steps, helping your baby achieve them just like a physio would want them to. As nature intended. And with over 100 targeted and beautifully photographed play exercises, this ‘baby physio’ is made to be so much fun!

You will learn:

  • Why movement is so important for your baby’s cognitive and motor development.

  • What the typical age range is for each gross motor milestone and when to seek help if your baby isn’t achieving them.

  • What your baby learns at each developmental step and how this impacts their future growth.

  • How to help set your baby up for a life-time love of movement from week 1.

  • How to help your baby enjoy tummy time, the absolute foundation of movement for a baby.

  • How to encourage baby to achieve the important ‘four point crawl’.

  • What to do to help improve your baby’s body awareness and higher learning.

  • How to promote balance, coordination and strength in your toddler.

  • How to protect your baby’s hips when swaddling and baby wearing.

  • How to avoid plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and w-sitting.

  • What to do about bow legs, knock knees and in-toeing.

  • What to look for in footwear for your toddler.

And so much more......

My Strong Little Body sets the stage for a love of movement and learning, ensuring your baby is as strong as they can be throughout infancy and childhood, giving them the best opportunity to thrive and learn.