Meet Alana


Hello there! My name is Alana.

Thank you so much for paying me a visit here at My Strong Little Body. It has been a project close to my heart for over 3 years now, starting when my now ‘big boy’ was just 6 months old!

A little about me; I am an Australian paediatric physiotherapist with over 13 years experience, but most importantly, I am proud wife to Adam, and Mumma to my two little lads Fraser and Alfie. We live in a lovely home nestled amongst the trees and sunshine on the Gold Coast, in Queensland. I also have a sausage dog named Frankie. You might see him pop up here and there in the book

I have been a practicing therapist at the same wonderful clinic for 10 years now. If you by any chance live locally, I would absolutely love to meet you at All About Physio in Nerang.

I adore my job. Mainly because I adore children. A baby is so barefaced and innocent it makes my heart hurt at times. And the little toddlers? Their curiosity and wonder always hauls me back to the present moment and helps me to breathe it in. I simply love their unabashed approach to life; how they will dance just because it feels good. How can one not love a job where you are able to help your favourite little people every day?

A little bit of background on my physiotherapy journey; I graduated from The University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2005, and over the last 13 years have worked as a clinician in many private and community organisations across Australia and the United Kingdom, fostering my love for working with children of all abilities. I have undertaken a wide range of post-graduate training, including several ‘Neuro-Developmental Treatment’ (NDT) courses for babies. This approach really changed the way I looked at human movement many moons ago, and is now the foundation that I build most of my therapy sessions on today. I have worked alongside paediatricians, rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists both nationally and internationally. Collectively, they have given me a much broader understanding of children’s health and wellbeing, helping me to take a wholistic and trans-disciplinary approach when it comes to looking after my little patients.

The idea for My Strong Little Body grew very naturally as I watched my first baby grow, delighting in his every move, and capturing his story through photos. I decided to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) at the same time, and the book evolved just as he did.

I’m so pleased you are joining me on this little journey. Just take it one step at a time. And take comfort knowing that in following my guide you will be offering your baby the best and strongest start in life.

Wishing you the very best,