what is my strong little body?

with a glowing review from the australian PHYSIOTHERAPY association, My Strong Little Body is an early intervention therapy resource in ebook format, designed for any parent interested in nurturing their child’s first movement and learning experiences.

It is also a perfect guide for parents who want to support their baby with developmental delay, who may not be able to access a PHYSIOTHERAPIST face-to-face.


The easy to follow and beautifully photographed 10 step program is written by experienced Australian physiotherapist Alana Gardini.

It is overflowing with practical play strategies for home; designed to help babies build the skills necessary for all the major milestones, from the dreaded tummy-time all the way through to independent walking. Educational fact sheets complement the program, providing readers with insight and answers to the most frequently asked questions of a paediatric physiotherapist. 

My Strong Little Body is designed for babies of all abilities and is an empowering resource for any parent seeking to give their baby the best and strongest start in life.

The first 2 years are critically important for cognitive and motor development because the brain is experiencing continuous spontaneous plasticity
— Morgan, Cathy & Novak, Iona & Badawi, Nadia. (2013). Enriched Environments and Motor Outcomes in Cerebral Palsy: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Pediatrics.